Other Missions Accomplished

During 2009-2010 OMM conducted a number of lectures and workshops at various establishments in KwaZulu Natal.  In some cases the public were invited; in other cases, the presentations were made to management and staff only.  These included:

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Nottingham Road Hotel, Midlands
Redlands Hotel, Pietermaritzburg
Everglades Estate, Drakensburg Mtns
Elangeni Hotel, Southern Sun Resorts, Durban
Fern Hill Hotel, Midlands
Makaranga Garden Lodge, Hillcrest
Le Domaine Retirement Village
During September 2010, OMM met with various pastors of local churches in Hout Bay, Cape Province, to schedule a series of classes on “Believers in the Workplace”.
From Sept 2010 to Sep 2011, OMM was in the USA, during which time they became affiliated with Operation Grace World Missions, and confirmed their Mission Plans.
During Oct – Nov 2011 OMM met with additional pastors and church leaders in the local area, also to conduct a series of classes on “Believers in the Workplace”.


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