Leadership eBook A4  (South African)

Leadership eBook Letter Size (USA)

Christian Leadership is a new book recently written and published by Molinar Mission.  The eBook was inspired by the request of Dr. Ezrom Mathumbu, of Kruger National Park, South Africa (KNP).  Dr Mathumbu requested of Tom to teach Leadership classes to all Christian Leaders in the 13 camps of KNP.  When the COVID-19 Lockdown came into South Africa, KNP was in lockdown for 3 months.  Hence, we decided to convert our normal study guide into a Christian Leadership Booklet.

The eBook is available in two formats:  A4 (South African size) and Letter (USA size).  You may view or download the .pdf files as you wish.  The Table of contents contains “links,” which when you move to the item and press [Click], the cursor will move to that position in the document; and you will see [Return to Table] which, when clicked, will return you to the Table of Contents.

We pray that God will use this eBook to accomplish His purposes of gaining Divine Wisdom in Leadership

(Proverbs 9:9-12)