What we do:

Operation  Molinar Mission (OMM) is a not for profit company formed in the State of Texas, USA.  It is affiliated with Operation Grace World Missions (OGWM).  OMM is a Christian Missionary organization with two founding members, Tom and Cheryl Molinar.  They are currently serving in Durban South Africa. 

Its One & Only purpose is to teach Biblical principles and proclaim the Salvation work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  There are a variety of ways through which they accomplish their mission:

Church Leaders, Pastors and Ministers:  Tom provides specialized training in Professionalism & Leadership using relevant Biblical passages.  The classes and workshops are structured to suit the needs and requests of the various groups.

Students, Seminaries and Bible Colleges:  Various classes are taught to these groups in order to strengthen their Christian & Spiritual  lives for the harsh realities of working in a world full of conflicts, contradictions and problems.

Businesses:  Tom teaches and trains business leaders, managers and staff in principles of “Christian Professionalism”.  The initial series includes four 1-hour classes in Professionalism, Honour Code, Survival Training and Leadership.  Summary slides for each of the classes are shown under the heading of What We Do on this website.

Seminars & WorkshopsOMM conducts similar sessions as mentioned above in various venues to the public and church members of any denomination.  The classes are designed to provide Biblical solutions to many of the day-to-day problems facing believers in the workplace.  A number of such classes and workshops have been conducted throughout South Africa, and may be viewed in the Gallery of this website.

Note:  OMM wishes to emphasize at this point that there is no cost for any of their classes or material.  This is how God provides His Word to us, and we wish to reflect His Grace.  See Financial Policy

Note:  Tom’s career in business and 20 years serving as an officer in the US Marine Corps, coupled with 40 years of intensive Bible training under his Pastor in Houston, Texas,  has afforded him 1st hand knowledge and experience in practical business applications.