Promises & Principles

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 With Acknowledgement & Appreciation: 

To Shannon Suderman, my dearest friend who started me on this Journey, and Tom, my husband, for his patience and endurance, to say nothing of his tenacity, in helping me with this project.

John Dyer of Birmingham, Alabama, kindly suggested that placing this document in a PDF format would be more user friendly.  And so it is!  Thank you John.


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  1. Sharon Fehrn
    Jul 02, 2015 @ 09:17:54

    Thank you so much. I have printed these pages out. You and your husband are on our church prayer list (Grace Doctrine, Joe Griffin) and as I was praying for you this morning I decided that I knew very little about your ministry so I went online and found all of this. What a blessing!
    Sharon Fehrn
    Fort Lupton CO


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